Harry Chapin Food Bank 2019 Hunger Walk
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Andrew Anger   Midland
Amy Ayers   Midland
Louise Bain   Suncoast Neighborhood Task Force
Annie Banion   Team Lee BIA Young Professionals
Jacqueline Joy Battjes   Nurse Practitioners of Lee County
Cindy Baubie   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Kerry Baubie   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Sue Becker   HCFB Volunteers
Rex Bowser   McGregor Walkers
Connie Boyd Vantage Construction  
Barry Bratton   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Sacha Bretz   HCFB Volunteers
doris bullock   HCFB Volunteers
Janet Burch   McGregor Walkers
Sheena Chatterjee   Suncoast Credit Union
Mercie Chick   CHAPS
Leah Childress Suncoast Credit Union Suncoast Credit Union
Shari Clark   teampinemanor
Ronna Cline   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Bob Cline   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
John Clinger   Thundering Herd
John Clinger    
Joan Coffey   McGregor Walkers
Jodi Cohen    
Sue Cutler   Gladiolus Food Pantry
Robert Davis   McGregor Walkers
Shirley Davis   McGregor Walkers
Abbey Dean   Nurse Practitioners of Lee County
Ann Del Guercio   Gladiolus Food Pantry
Jeff Dillman   Cyclones
General Donation    
Matt and Ovida Elliott   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Andrew Eschenbach   Midland
Jasmine Evans   Cape Coral Key Club
Lillian Faber   Loving The 239
BOB FAIN   McGregor Walkers
Marcia Fain   McGregor Walkers
Jody French   TTMI
Sherry Fuhrman   McGregor Walkers
Mark Fuhrman   McGregor Walkers
Sara Garces   Midland
Tom Gemmer   HCFB Volunteers
Bonnie Gralia    
Ernest Gralia, III    
Sherlyna Hanna   FGCU Student Government
Marta Hodson   Harry Chapin Food Bank Staff
Martha Hood   McGregor Walkers
Loretta Horan   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Renee /Natures Cove Johnson   Lee Co. 4-H/Nature's Cove
Tom Johnson   Family Church Food Pantry in Marco Island
Kevin Johnson   Thundering Herd
Larry Karcher   HCFB Volunteers
Candy Kelley   HCFB Volunteers
James and Melinda Kershaw   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Doyle Kincaid   McGregor Walkers
Beverly Kjos   McGregor Walkers
Valerie Kneller   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Denny Kneller   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Pat Knepler   Gladiolus Food Pantry
Jim Knepler   Gladiolus Food Pantry
Elizabeth Kominar   Cape Coral Key Club
Shirlea LaForce   Gladiolus Food Pantry
ronda laupert   United Airlines
Marcia Leadbetter    
Bob Leadbetter   HCFB Volunteers
Susan Leekey   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Todd Lewis   Naples Warehouse
Claude Lieber   Nurse Practitioners of Lee County
Susan Lindenmuth   Firefightin' Irish
Lala Lindsey    
Leroy MacLeod   McGregor Walkers
Joyce MacLeod   McGregor Walkers
Danielle Martin   Midland
James Martin   Midland
Nancy Martin Interfaith Charities of South Lee Interfaith Charities of South Lee
Guido Memoli   United Airlines
Belinda Metz    
Carolyn Mijokovic   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Carolyn Mijokovic   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Judy Mollway   Gladiolus Food Pantry
Lisa Ninchritz   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Bonnie Olson   Interfaith Charities of South Lee
Miriam Ortiz   Gladiolus Food Pantry
Judy Peckham   Heritage Palms Striders
Liz Pecora   Family Church Food Pantry Marco
Jason Phillips   Thundering Herd
Tanya Phillips   HCFB Volunteers
Jason Phillips    
Bob Pinnel   Interfaith Charities of South Lee
Beatrice Pizarro   Harry Chapin Food Bank Staff
Donna Pritchett   HCFB Volunteers
Shannon Quinn   Touchstone Wealth Partners
Patricia Rathbun   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Kyle Ray   Purdue Alumni Club of SWFL
Janine Rees   Purdue Alumni Club of SWFL
Kayla Richmond   Henderson Franklin
Leilani Riesgo   Cape Coral Key Club
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