Harry Chapin Food Bank 2019 Hunger Walk
First Sbup Last Organization Team Name
Abbey Dean   Nurse Practitioners of Lee County
Abby Ray   Purdue Alumni Club of SWFL
Abigail Clinger   Thundering Herd
Adam Meyer   Team Busey
Adam Medlin   HungerBusters
Aidaliz Adams    
Aimee Aubry   Team Busey
Alain Long   United Airlines
Alaina Streblow Suncoast Credit Union Suncoast Credit Union
Albert Abdo   Thundering Herd
Albert Condon    
ALICIA SWARTZ   Suncoast Credit Union
Alison OMalley    
Amanda Coleman   Naples church of Christ
Amanda Pereira Schmoyer   Henderson Franklin
Amy Ayers   Midland
Amy Mitchell   Back the Blue
Amy OMalley    
Amy Zeder   St Martin de Porres Mission Outreach
Amy McCracken    
Andrew Anger   Midland
Andrew Eschenbach   Midland
Aneeta Moore   Tice UMC Food Bank
Angela Sterious   Nurse Practitioners of Lee County
Angela Brand   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Ann Del Guercio   Gladiolus Food Pantry
Anna Fernald   Touchstone Wealth Partners
Anna Marie McCarthy    
Anne Peatross   HCFB Volunteers
Anne Rose    
Annie Banion   Team Lee BIA Young Professionals
Anthony Uliano   The Uliano's
Arlene Wright   Nurse Practitioners of Lee County
Ashley Jones 1980  
Barbara Morgan   Tice UMC Food Bank
Barbara Durkin st. Martin de Porres Outreach St Martin de Porres Mission Outreach
Barbara Welch   Tice UMC Food Bank
Barbara McNeil    
Barbara Mahaffey   Tice UMC Food Bank
Barry Bratton   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Beatrice Pizarro   Harry Chapin Food Bank Staff
Belinda Metz    
Belinda Villanueva   Full House
Beth Wardlaw   Purdue Alumni Club of SWFL
Beth Wacker   United Airlines
Bev Gerd Peace Luth Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Beverly Kjos   McGregor Walkers
Beverly Cox   Loving The 239
Bill Stevens   HCFB Volunteers
Bill Redfern   McGregor Walkers
Bill Banfield   Bonita Springs Assistance Office
Bill Thomson   CHAPS
BOB FAIN   McGregor Walkers
Bob Heyde   1st Choice
Bob Cline   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Bob Clements    
Bob Pinnel   Interfaith Charities of South Lee
Bob Leadbetter   HCFB Volunteers
Bob Tussey   McGregor Walkers
Bonnie Gard   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Bonnie Gralia    
Bonnie Olson   Interfaith Charities of South Lee
Boone Stewart   Florida Crackers 4H Club
Bozena Wiggins   United Airlines
Brian Hampton   Millennium Physician Group
Brian Adams    
Brian Inouye   Midland
Brianna Laupert   United Airlines
Bridget Hodina   7-Eleven
Brittney Thomley    
Brooke Neal   Loving The 239
Bruce Fernald   Touchstone Wealth Partners
Bryson Stewart   Florida Crackers 4H Club
Byron Heape   McGregor Walkers
Candy Kelley   HCFB Volunteers
Carey O' Hara   All Souls Church
Carmax Fort Myers   Carmax
Carmen Lopez Munoz   Millennium Physician Group
Carmine DiPaolo   Henderson Franklin
Carol Gilliford   McGregor Walkers
CAROL DOANE   Not Fast Just Furious
Carolann Zoladek   Tice UMC Food Bank
Carole Appleton   McGregor Walkers
Carolyn Mijokovic   Bella Terra Hunger Warriors
Carolyn Mijokovic   Peace Lutheran 4HCFB
Catherine DOnovan    
Catherine Vernon United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Live United
Cathy Clement - Crumpler    
Cathy Murphy   SPE
Chacour Thomas   Tice UMC Food Bank
Chad White    
charice bechtel-spartz    
Charles Canady   Storm Smart
Charles Hill   Tice UMC Food Bank
Charles Canady   Storm Smart
Cheryl Moulds    
Cheryl Smith   Tice UMC Food Bank
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